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Mistakes Become Lessons, Experience Becomes Growth

The heaviest weight in the gym is the door. The hardest decision about a journey is to start. The toughest part in moving forward is the step. Everything in life has a beginning, but it is the most daunting concept to some that cannot fathom their life after that new beginning. We choose to stay in the dark not because we like it, but because it is familiar. Pain, at some point, becomes comfortable. Fear has a lot to do with that immobility. Often we wait for the motivation to change that never comes. Change is hard simply because it takes away our security. Change creates fear because it also creates uncertainty. The start of something good seems to start with something bad. You compare the pros and cons, then once you think the cost far outweighs the benefits, staying where you are feels “safe”.

The human mind cannot live in that chaos. The mind desperately searches for a solution. Your heart feels the void (the absence of the comfort that change would bring). Instead of finding a solution, you find a band aid. It’s not that your “band aid” was necessarily bad, it just wasn’t a solution. After all, mistakes become lessons, experience becomes growth, and sooner rather than later you will run out of band aids. You look around to see you are stuck in the same dark, painful, uncomfortable place you call “safe”. Let me ask you something. What if that change, that new beginning, leads to a solution? Imagine for a moment, you lived in an endless realm of vertigo, and then suddenly you find solid ground to stand on. After all that time of not knowing a place to gather your bearings, imagine how good it must feel to finally rest your feet on solid ground. You never knew what it felt like to stand on solid ground until it happened. How could you have possibly known what that would feel like if all you experienced was constant vertigo? Change is just like that. Change is hard, but it’s supposed to be. It means the hardship is what conditions us to truly understand how good something is. Without my struggle, my pain, my resistance, I wouldn't fully comprehend this good that God has intended for me. Keep on keeping on.

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