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3 Ways to Lose Weight

This month is about how to lose weight. The 3 ways I discussed in the Seminar can be done successfully when you are ready to track your calories, your macros or your meal timing. When applied appropriately to your lifestyle any ONE of these ways will encourage weight loss. Consistency is KEY!

Chose the Path of Least Resistance.

If you had to chose ONE RIGHT NOW to start implementing which one would you chose?

Calorie Intake

You will need to be comfortable with counting calories and tracking them every day, even on the weekends. Although I always encourage eating whole foods versus highly processed foods, this plan does not require you to ONLY eat whole foods.

Balancing Your Macros

This will involve you already having (or open to learning) an understanding of macronutrients. You may stick to any nutritional preference you want. To track all three macronutrients expect to be fully involved in what you are eating at every meal. It may feel overwhelming at first but will be most rewarding when you get the hang of it.

Feeding Window

If you live like the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, this approach is the one for you as it requires discipline in your routine. The focus here is to eat your first meal at the same time every day and eat your last meal at the same time every day. The optimal feeding window is an 8-hour time frame. For example you can eat your first meal at 9am and your last meal at 6pm. Perhaps you can wait to eat your first meal at 12pm and eat your last meal at 8pm.

Chose ONE and implement ONE into your lifestyle. I do not recommend trying all 3 ways at the same time. Most likely you will get overwhelmed and quit when it becomes too challenging to maintain.

I am always available for a consultation to discuss further which one is optimal for you. Together we can develop a plan to implement habits and practices that will be easy for you to follow and ultimately get the weight loss you want!

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