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Nutrition Challenges

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Groups of 15+

Strength in Numbers

Whether your team decides to do a 6-week Paleo Challenge, #800g Challenge or Whole 30 you will see and feel the improvements in body fat%, lean muscle mass, overall weight and health markers (ie. blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.)

Group Wellness

Accountability is KEY

Using an easy to follow app with universal compatibility you can keep track of your daily tasks anywhere! Each task allows for points being earned on a daily basis to self monitor your progress.

Group Incentives

Healthier "We" Means a Healthier "You"

What better way to increase progress and keep your friends and co-workers motivated throughout a challenge than to have a leaderboard! Having prizes to reach for along the way can make a nutrition challenge exciting! We can set benchmarks/prizes for your group to strive for. Prizes are dependent on the number of people in your group.

Nutrition Challenges: Services
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