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Heart Healthy Diet

Let's talk about what would be the best nutrition intervention you can implement today for a healthier heart. This is a great plan to reduce your cholesterol to imporve the functionality of your heart.

Success to the Mediterranean diet is in the food pyramid below. Much like the paleo diet very little processed processed diet is allowed. However, unlike the paleo diet the Mediterranean diet allows a glass or two of red wine per day and grains such as bread.

What I think is interesting about this pyramid is the row at the bottom. The first row of pyramids are considered the most important: the foundation. Building strong relationships and engaging in daily physical activities contributes to mental strength and fortitude of the people who follow the Mediterranean Diet.

The research below shows the various improvements found in people living in Crete, Greece and Southern Italy who followed the Mediterranean Diet as suggested. It is important to note that participants followed this plan very closely.

Is this the right plan for me?

As always, ask your doctor if your health markers can improve with the Mediterranean Diet. Portions are not emphasized with this diet. A RevEssentials Nutrition Coach can help determine what can be the best portions for you in your current lifestyle. The combination of these foods appear protective against disease, versus including a single food or nutrient. Adherence over the span of 6 years has shown weight loss and weight maintenance.

Keep it Simple, Focus on the Essentials

- Kat Armenteros, CNC

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