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Meal Timing for Optimal Weight Loss

Did you know there are optimal times to eat and exercise based on your circadian rhythm?

Most people eat based on how they feel, rather than what will optimize weight loss or athletic performance. The lack of proper meal timing can affect their energy levels, blood sugar spikes, and metabolism among other things. Eating according to your biological clock can provide a multitude of benefits.

You have probably experienced low energy levels in the early afternoons, where you feel like you are walking through life in slow motion. Your circadian rhythm (your body’s internal clock) is the main driver of these low and high energy points in your day. Based on this clock there are specific times for you to consume food and exercise to maximize productivity.

Just as we have times which are best for consumption, we also have times which are best for fasting and resting. Understanding your circadian rhythm can be complex without proper testing and analysis. Any attempt to hack into this rhythm without careful assessment is just an educated guess at best.

The Coaches at Revolt Fitness and Nutrition Consultants at RevEssentials are able to help you with testing and analysis to build an individualized success plan. Start your journey today!

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