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Let the Turkey be the only thing that is "Stuffed" this year!

It's time for a mindset adjustment! Instead of treating the this years' holidays as a "season" think of them as only the day you celebrate it. Take Valentine's Day or your birthday and think of how many meals you prepare yourself for. One birthday party or one Valentine's Dinner that you allow yourself indulgences or favorite meals to be enjoyed! Your routine on the days leading up to your day and those days following you are eating normally: mostly whole foods, little sugar and exercising regularly.

During the holiday "season" why do most of us then gain 5 to 10 pounds by January 1st? Here is why. Lack of planning, being prepared and no execution.

At our 11th Nutrition Seminar at Everman's Education Center RevEssentials Nutrition Consultants provided useful ways on how to approach this years' holiday "season" differently to keep you on the same track of progress!

RevEssentials Nutrition Consultant Mickey offered these easy to follow steps to help you with anxiety/stress eating during family dinners. Sometimes, these reunions can be stressful and we find ourselves wanting more alcohol or more comfort foods. It is OK to enjoy your favorite holiday meals. Please do! Use these tips to keep your momentum going with the progress you and your Nutrition Consultant have been working on! An easy way to practice these skills is to use one or two the next time your are out with friends and/ or family. Give it a try and see how easy it is to do and how great you feel for sticking to it!

Plenty of us will be traveling for the holidays via airplane or road trip. RevEssentials Nutrition Consultant Marcy provided easy and fun ways to add a little more movement to your trip! Waiting for a connecting flight in the airport? Take a stroll and walk through the shops. Some airports now have an indoor workout space provided for their travelers! Add a morning walk or an after dinner stroll with your friends and family.

Plan where you are going and what you are eating that night. Ask the host what is on the menu. Make a healthy dish that will compliment the menu. Bring a dessert that you used healthier substitutions for. Prepare to just eat the food there and not take any home. Share your plan with your accountability partner. Sit back, relax, enjoy the festivities because you have executed a plan without stressing over it!

Happy Holidays from all of us at RevEssentials to all of you!

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