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How to Build Habits, the Sustainable Way

At our monthly RevEssentials Nutrition Seminars at Ever'man Education Center we discuss daily issues that keep us from achieving our health goals. With group discussions and hands-on activities participants can go home and start implementing simple ways to improve their lifestyle.

Our last seminar we placed our Nutritional focus on sustainability. If you can master the skill of building habits, no matter the challenges or obstacles you face on a daily basis you WILL reach your goal(s). We introduced the idea of Learning your A,B,C's as a simple way to build habits. Here is how it works!

It is important to know what your "big picture" goal is and where you are right now in relation to mastering it. It it common for most people to try and do too much at once or drastically restrict yourself at the beginning of a journey to self improvement. Our intrinsic motivation out-weighs our external sacrifices the first week then quickly fizzles out leaving you feeling like a failure with your efforts.

On the other hand, you should congratulate yourself for identifying what gaps you have in your nutrition routine and try again, this time using the A,B,C's approach. Here are a few other real-life examples RevEssentials Nutrition Coaches have used with their clients and have been successful with.

Try it out for yourself! Keep the tiny behavior SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE. Remember to celebrate all achievements, especially the small ones.

As shown in the slide below, even the smallest amount of progress can translate to weight loss, body fat reduction, positive mindset, confidence and much more!

Start your A,B,C's today and improve yourself!

Keep it Simple and Focus on the Essentials with RevEssentials.

Until next time,


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