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Mindful shopping, mindful living

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Shopping the perimeter of the market is an easy way to fill up your shopping cart with minimally processed foods.

Avoiding going through the isles, where most highly processed foods are displayed, can limit the visual temptations that our internal willpower may not be strong enough to say "No" to yet.

One skill RevEssential clients strengthen is building awareness of where the foods that you eat come from. How many steps did it take for that product to get to your market and in your shopping cart? Think about it. A commercial farmer has to cultivate it, arrange the products in a durable shipping container where a truck will most likely travel to the market where the employee unpackages it and directly displays it on the shelf for you. If you live in Florida perhaps you can say that about Oranges. Can you say the same thing about your favorite brand of tortilla chips? Probably not.

Keep it Simple. Eat more whole foods most of the time.

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