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Are You Ready To Change?

Change is hard, and that's OK.

You know you need to make changes in what you're eating, but how do you start? When your doctor tells you to start exercising you cringe at the thought of sweating and being uncomfortable for an hour. You have seen how meal prepping can make healthier meals be accessible to you during the week but can't find the time to do it.

It's time for you to take the Ready, Willing, Able test.

These three simple questions to ask yourself will help you gage where you are right now and where you should be to get started.

  1. Are you READY? Are you intrinsically motivated to make a small change today? (adding a cup of water to your daily water intake, waking up 5 minutes earlier to make coffee at home instead of buying it, taking fish oil...)

  2. Are you WILLING? Are you willing to complete simple tasks and be equally open for guidance. (leaving a glass of water on your kitchen counter, buying a coffee grinder, setting up your calendar for daily reminders to take your fish oil)

  3. Are you ABLE? Can you actually follow through with a simple action plan? What would yours look like?

You may be Ready and Willing to change but don't feel like you are Able to or you are Able and Ready to make changes but not Willing to make sacrifices with some things.

That's OK! It's important to remember that your goal will be attained by taking small actions daily. The good news is you get to decide what you want to improve on first with the guidance of our RevEssentials Coaches!

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